Butterfly’s Day Nursery


In 1994 after the premature birth of my daughter, which left her with special needs, I began the search for local childcare that could give my daughter all the help and stimulation she needed. After finding no suitable care in either nursery or childminders I decided that I could provide quality care for other children along with my own child. To this end I registered as a childminder caring for six children under the age of eight.

As the waiting list grew I decided to expand on the care provided and looked to open a quality day care nursery. The search for a suitable building in Morley took over a year. The building was a derelict part of an old school, much hard work on evenings and weekends resulted in a 24-place day nursery gaining approval in May 1998. Butterfly’s was ready to open. In December 1998, the second wing of Butterfly’s Day Nursery was approved taking our numbers to 50 places.

In November 1999 a car accident resulted in my being unable to work and needed to employ a manager to run the nursery. This decision has led to a continued improvement in the nursery with the current management and staff having an excellent reputation and a real caring attitude and commitment towards our children.

As our first babies reached school age parents/carers requested their children be allowed to remain in our care outside of school hours. To facilitate this in July 2003 we built a conservatory extension and have expanded our numbers to include twelve out of school places. The children attending the club have named it Firefly’s

Butterfly’s opened its custom-built 84-place nursery in Selby on 28th February 2005 and also a third nursery in Hemsworth on 28th February 2007.