Butterfly’s Selby

Our aim at Butterfly’s Day Nursery is to provide a safe, secure, loving and stimulating environment for children from birth to five years. We encourage children to be confident, independent and to develop their self- esteem. We provide activities, play opportunities and first hand experiences which allow children to build on their natural curiosity as learners.

Our opening hours are

Monday to Friday

Full Time 7.30am-5.30pm or 8.00am-6.00pm.

Part Time Mornings 7.30-12.30 or 8.00-1.00

Part time afternoons 12.30-5.30 or 1.00-6.00

The nursery is closed on all Bank holidays.  We are also closed between Christmas and the New Year period.  We have two training days per year when we are closed, these are usually one day in February and the second day is in October.

Nursery fees are calculated over  51 weeks to allow for 12 equal payments with no charge for the Christmas holidays or the two training days.

A booking fee  is required to secure a place at nursery.  Fees are payable monthly in advance by standing order/bank transfer.



Care, Learning and Play

At Butterfly’s we encourage children to be confident, independent and to develop their self-esteem.

We select resources and provide activities, play opportunities and first hand experience which allow children to build on their natural curiosity as learners.  We will develop their language and mathematical thinking, using their imagination and develop social relationships.

We will ensure that all staff members encourage the children to learn about what is right and what is wrong, working alongside the rules and boundaries for our setting. Staff have completed training courses on the ‘Children’s Charter’ and the ‘Charter of Expectations’.

We will encourage the building of positive relationships with children and their parents to facilitate a good understanding of individual needs and home circumstances.

We will always listen and value what children say, what children talk about, what children are doing having high expectations of what they can achieve. Staff implements quality practice through ‘Sustained Shared Thinking’.

We will always observe and record what children do and use these observations to plan the next steps for the children’s play, learning and development.

We will organise resources so that they are readily available and assessable to children and deploy staff to support children’s play and learning, encouraging ‘Schematic’ play, learning and development.

We will always give children the opportunity to be active both indoors and outdoors with time to relax, encouraging a ‘free-flow’ access to the outdoor area.

We implement the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) with all our children.



Outdoor Play 

 Outdoor play is an integrated part of our curriculum and children will be playing out in all weathers.  We encourage children to freely choose to play outdoors this happened between 9.30 till 11.30, 1.30 till 3.00 and 4pm until we close.  It is up to the children when and if they go out and for how long.

 We would be grateful therefore if you could ensure that your child has the appropriate clothing and that it is clearly marked with their name.  Hats, scarves, gloves and Wellington boots are essential from September till March.  A sun hat and cream including a top which covers shoulders is required from April till September.

Young children need to be outdoors as much as indoors through providing a well designed and organised integrated environment the children will continue to learn and develop in all areas.  Play is the most important activity for young children.  Our outdoor area and space works to the curriculum which focused on complementing and extending our indoor provision.  Our outdoor play provision is dynamic, flexible and versatile where children can choose, create, change and be in charge of their play environment.

Outdoor provision offers young children experiences which have a lot of meaning to them and are child led and adult led.  Through having a rich outdoor environment full of irresistible stimuli, contexts for play, with exploration and talk from adults, including plenty of real life experiences and contact with the natural world encourages children to be actively involved and able to learn and develop.

We are able to offer long periods of time outside, the children know that they can be outside every day, when they want to and that they can develop their ideas for play over time.  We offer risk and challenge in a framework of security and safety.  The outdoor environment lends itself to offering challenge, helping children learn how to be safe and how to be aware of others.

Outdoor play supports inclusion and we meet the needs of individuals, offering a diverse range of play based experiences.  We encourage our young children to participate in decisions and actions affecting their outdoor play.  Outdoor play is important for children’s physical, cognitive and emotional health, mental development and creative thinking, opportunities for socialising and communicating which fosters language and collaborative skills, concentration and behaviour management skills, kinaesthetic learning.

Allowing children the enjoyment of the outdoor space provides vigorous movements such as running, jumping, kicking, throwing and climbing, the chance to release energy in this way builds up from developing muscles, tendons, bones, nerve connections, co-ordination.  If children are able to move well then they are more likely to enjoy being active now and for the future.

Children who play regularly in natural environments show more advanced motor fitness, including co-ordination, balance and agility and they are sick less often.

When children come in from being outdoors we assess their clothing to see if we need to change them if they are damp, muddy or wet.  We ask all parents/carers to provide nursery with spare clothes for your child labelled and stored within the setting.

There is no such excuse as inappropriate weather, rather it is inappropriate clothing.  Children are more likely to catch a cold/virus from a warm stuffy room than being outdoors on a cold day.  It is not just the sunny days that offer children opportunities to play in the natural elements.  Mist, Fog, Frost, Rain and Snow provide for different play contexts and activities.


If you would like any further information please feel free to contact us

Wenda Pullan Nursery Manager

Charlene Midgley-Hurton Deputy Manager

Emily Ratcliffe 3rd in Charge

01757 701791 / butterselby@aol.com or alternatively fill in the contact form